25 Mor – Witch Hazel

Mor (pronounced ‘MOHR’) Represents letter(s): X Divinatory meaning: Destiny, surprise, unpreparedness Associated Tree/Plant: Witch hazel Healing Properties: Witch hazel is a powerful astringent available in most drug stores. Make a tea of equal parts powdered bark and leaves and gargle with it to relieve a sore throat. Drink two cups of this tea to cure diarrhea. It may also be […]

24 Phagos – The Beech

Phagos (pronounced ‘FAH-gus’) Represents letter(s): PH, F Divinatory meaning: Cleansing, purification, chastity Associated Tree/Plant: Beech Healing Properties: Beech leaves rubbed directly on the skin help heal frostbite and minor burns. An infusion of the leaves may be used to treat diaper rash or rashes from poison ivy. It also treats other skin inflammations. An infusion of beech bark has antiseptic […]

23 Uilleand – Honeysuckle

Uilleand (pronounced ‘ULL-enth’) Represents letter(s): P Divinatory meaning: Attraction, enchantment, binding Associated Tree/Plant: Honeysuckle Healing Properties: Honeysuckle blossoms produce a very sweet sap that has the ability to purge toxins from the blood and the liver. A tea made of honeysuckle blossoms contains tannins that soothe a sore throat and ease fever symptoms. Make a balm with honeysuckle sap and […]

22 Oir – Pink Dogwood

Oir (pronounced ‘OR’) Represents letter(s): TH Divinatory meaning: Talent, creativity, genius Associated Tree: In Europe the tree used for this letter is the Spindle tree. It was so named because its wood was used for making spindles for spinning wheels. In the United States many Orders use the Arrowwood for this plant. The Order of the Elder Grove uses the […]

21 Koad – The Tulip Poplar

Koad (pronounced ‘KO-ud’) Represents letter(s): CH Divinatory meaning: Achievement, accomplishment, victory Associated Tree/Plant: The Order of the Elder Grove uses the Tulip Poplar for this letter. Some Orders use the aspen for this letter. These Orders generally refer to the letter as EV-uth when Aspen is used. Koad is the 21st letter of the ogham alphabet and the first letter […]

20 Ioho – The Yew

Ioho (pronounced ‘EE-yoh’) Represents letter(s): I, Y Divinatory meaning: Deception, illusion, trickery Associated Tree/Plant: Yew Healing Properties: This plant is poisonous and should never be used in herbal medicine! The yew is so poisonous that even inhaling sawdust from a cut yew can cause sickness or even death. Since the yew is toxic, and since there are better herbal remedies […]

19 Eadha – The Aspen

Eadha (pronounced ‘EH-yuh’) Represents letter(s): E Divinatory meaning: Endurance, perseverance, persistence Associated Tree/Plant: Some Orders use a species of poplar for this letter. In the Order of the Elder Grove we use the Aspen. Healing Properties: The sap of the aspen, is a diuretic in small doses. In large doses it induces vomiting, and may cause nausea. The bark may […]

18 Ura – The Heather

Ura (pronounced ‘OOR-uh’) Represents letter(s): U Divinatory meaning: Dreams, feelings, emotions Associated Tree/Plant: Heather Healing Properties: A tea made from heather blossoms may be used to treat to treat insomnia, stomach aches, coughs and skin problems. Heather tea is also good for urinary infections. Ingesting the plant raises blood pressure and strengthens the heart. Heather is also a mild antiseptic. […]

17 Onn – The Gorse

Represents letter(s): O Divinatory meaning: Adaptation, transmutation, modification Associated Tree/Plant: Gorse Healing Properties: A tea made from gorse blossoms may be used to treat nervous disorders and depression. In the past such an infusion has been used to treat jaundice. In the past it was also given to children with scarlet fever to help ease the symptoms.The seeds, when ground, […]

16 Ailm – The Silver Fir

Ailm (pronounced ‘AHL-m’) Represents letter(s): A Divinatory meaning: Energy, power, intensity Associated Tree/Plant: Silver Fir Healing Properties: The sap of the silver fir is a diuretic, and can stimulate mucous membranes if taken in small doses. Larger doses can induce vomiting, and may cause nausea. The oil can be used as a base for many essences used in aromatherapy. Magical […]