05 Nuin – The Ash

Nuin (pronounced ‘NOO-un’)

Represents letter(s): N

Divinatory meaning: Wisdom, knowledge, learning

Associated Tree/Plant: Ash

Healing Properties: Ground ash bark can be used to build the immune system, and to purify the liver and kidneys. Cut ash leaves in the early spring and make a tea. This tea is a mild diuretic that helps with weight loss. The syrup of the flowering ash can be used as a laxative.

Magical Uses: The ash is a tree of divine feminine energy. It is the consort of the male energy of the oak. Oak and ash together symbolize the Heiros Gamos, or the Great Rite, in which the feminine and masculine energies of the world unite in perfect balance through sexual union. In Norse mythology, the ash is considered the World Tree (Yggdrassil). This tree was said to be the axis about which the world rotates. As the Axis Mundi, ash touches all three realms at once, making it the most powerful tree in the ogham for vision seeking and determining a life path. In the Welsh Mabinogion,  Gwyddion carries an ash wand as a symbol of transformation and healing. Such an ash wand is especially powerful in magic concerning matters of fate and destiny. Use ash magic to determine your life path or the action you should take in a given situation. Wands of ash are particularly good for calming chaos. Ash is also good for repelling snakes. Use a branch of ash and brush the area lightly with it to keep them away.

Gods/Goddesses Associated with This Tree/Plant: Gwyddion, Brigantia

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