08 Tinne – The Holly

Tinne (pronounced ‘CHIN-yuh’)

Represents letter(s): T

Divinatory meaning: Movement, action, activity

Healing Properties

Holly berries are poisonous, so do not ingest them! If decorating with holly for the holiday season, make sure the berries are well out of reach of children and pets. Unless you are a professional herbalist or a health care professional with training in herbalism, don’t attempt to use holly remedies. Any holly medicine is poisonous if used incorrectly, and the doses must be precisely measured.

Juice pressed from fresh holly leaves is used to treat jaundice. Tea made from dried holly leaves is used to treat fevers. It is also effective for gout, bladder infections and congestion.

Magical Uses: The Druids considered the holly second in magical power only to the oak. This is reflected in the pairing of the Holly King and the Oak King, who rule the year together. The Holly King rules the dark half of the year, from Summer Solstice to Winter Solstice, when his brother, the Oak King, will take over from him to rule the lighter half of the year, from Winter Solstice to Summer Solstice.

Holly has an amplifying effect on magic. To add extra power to your magical workings, incorporate a holly sprig or a holly wand. Spears and arrows made of holly are said to always find their mark. During a full moon, soak a branch of holly overnight in water. Sprinkle this water around the house for purification and protection. This water is especially helpful in protecting infants.

Green holly berries gathered at Lughnasadh may be used in any ritual for protecting of crops and insuring prosperity and abundance. They may also be used to bolster the success of any creative project.

Holly bushes are said to repel unfriendly spirits and negative influences. Plant a holly tree near the door of your home to repel evil energies and unwelcomed visitors. Holly is the traditional decoration for the Winter Solstice. To make your dreams come true, pick seven holly leaves while remaining completely silent. Wrap these leaves in a pure white silk or cotton cloth, then tie seven knots in the cloth. Sleep with this bundle under your pillow for seven nights. On the eighth day your dream will come to pass. Since holly’s aspect is masculine, it is especially powerful for males doing magic involving protection and endurance.

Gods/Goddesses Associated with This Tree/Plant: Lugh, Macha, the Holly King

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