12 Gort – The Ivy

Gort (pronounced ‘GORT’)

Represents letter(s): G

Divinatory meaning: Change, redirection, metamorphosis

Associated Tree/Plant: Ivy

Healing Properties: An infusion made from ivy leaves can be used to treat yeast infections. Poultices of ivy leaves help infections. A salve made of ground tender ivy twigs aids in healing sunburn. Ivy is an antifungal that may be used to treat athlete’s foot. The steam from boiled ivy acts as an expectorant.

Gerard’s Great Herbal (16th century) had this to say about the healing properties of ivy:

“The leaves of ivy, fresh and green, boiled in wine, do heal old ulcers, and perfectly cure those that have a venomous and malicious quality joined with them: and are a remedy likewise against burnings and scaldings.”

Magical Uses: Ivy is tenacious and durable. It creeps and crawls into crevices where other plants cannot go. As such it is a symbol of perseverance. Ivy magic deals with rebirth and the cultivation of patience and tenacity. It may be used for banishing fear and other strong negative emotions. To insure a long friendship, make a bracelet or talisman of ivy and give it to your friend. If ivy doesn’t grow on a grave, the spirit of that departed person is said to be restless. Crowns for brides and grooms at weddings are traditionally made of ivy intertwined with holly. Ivy is considered to be a source of divine inspiration (the imbas), and for this reason, bards often wear crowns woven of ivy.

Gods/Goddesses Associated with This Tree/Plant: The Cailleach, Manannán 

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