17 Onn – The Gorse

Represents letter(s): O

Divinatory meaning: Adaptation, transmutation, modification

Associated Tree/Plant: Gorse

Healing Properties: A tea made from gorse blossoms may be used to treat nervous disorders and depression. In the past such an infusion has been used to treat jaundice. In the past it was also given to children with scarlet fever to help ease the symptoms.
The seeds, when ground, make a mild laxative, and an infusion of these crushed seeds contains tannins that may be used as a mild astringent.

Magical Uses: Gorse blossoms in places other plants cannot grow. Because of this it is useful in magic associated with protection against adversity, and restoration of faith, hope and optimism. Gorse is know as an herb of love, and because of its yellowish color it is said to attract gold and material wealth.

Gods/Goddesses Associated with This Tree/Plant: On-niona

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