18 Ura – The Heather

Ura (pronounced ‘OOR-uh’)

Represents letter(s): U

Divinatory meaning: Dreams, feelings, emotions

Associated Tree/Plant: Heather

Healing Properties: A tea made from heather blossoms may be used to treat to treat insomnia, stomach aches, coughs and skin problems. Heather tea is also good for urinary infections. Ingesting the plant raises blood pressure and strengthens the heart. Heather is also a mild antiseptic. The Scottish Bard Robert Burns hailed the medicinal qualities of Moorland Tea, made by steeping the petals of heather blossoms. Heather healing is holistic healing, concerned with the wellness of the entire body.

Magical Uses: Heather blooms throughout the moors of northern Scotland and Ireland. Bees love the sweet nectar of heather blossoms. Since bees are psychopomps; that is, messengers from the Otherworld, heather magic is the magic of other realms of existence. Heather is used for magic involving maturity. Heather signifies a return to your roots. Just as salmon return to their birthplace to spawn, those who practice heather magic use it in the mature phases of their lives to honor their heritage and their ancestors.

Since heather magic is concerned with the whole person, it is useful for any magic that unites mind, body and spirit. It is also effective in rainmaking spells and water magic. Talismans made of heather can be used as lucky charms. If you place white heather on your altar during meditation, it is said that you will be able to hear the voices of those who have passed on while you are meditating. Heather magic is also good magic for doing inner work (meditation, dream work, shamanism). Heather mixed with mistletoe is a powerful healing charm.

Gods/Goddesses Associated with This Tree/Plant: Beag, Uroica

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