19 Eadha – The Aspen

Eadha (pronounced ‘EH-yuh’)

Represents letter(s): E

Divinatory meaning: Endurance, perseverance, persistence

Associated Tree/Plant: Some Orders use a species of poplar for this letter. In the Order of the Elder Grove we use the Aspen.

Healing Properties: The sap of the aspen, is a diuretic in small doses. In large doses it induces vomiting, and may cause nausea. The bark may be used to treat headaches and fever. The bark also contains an analgesic, and tea made from this bark anti-inflammatory properties. In ancient times the leaves of the aspen were used to heal palsy. A tea made from the leaves may be used to ease menstrual cramps. This tea also helps to relieve symptoms of diarrhea and can help to clear up urinary tract infections. Chop or grind the root and make it into a poultice to help heal cuts and bruises.

Magical Uses: Aspen magic is used for invoking power and insight. It can be used to create a change in a situation. The aspen is sacred to the Druids, and represents the hope of rebirth and new beginnings.

Plant an aspen near your home to protect it from burglars. It may also be planted in gardens and fields to prevent the theft of livestock and vegetables. If you wish the gift of eloquence, place an aspen leaf under your tongue. Make incense of aspen bark and burn it at Samhain to protect your home from evil spirits. You may also release fears by writing them on a dried aspen leaf and burning the leaf.

If you are troubled with palsy, pin a lock of your hair to an aspen tree at midnight for three successive nights when the moon begins to wane. As you pin your hair to the tree, repeat the following three times:

Aspen tree, Aspen tree
I prithee shake
Instead of me

The wood of the aspen may be used to create magical flutes to be used in rituals. The music of such flutes brings about change and transformation, so only use such a flute if you want something different to happen!

Aspen magic is the magic of protection. As such, Celtic battle shields were often made of aspen in order to protect the bearer. If you are in need of protective magic, consider including aspen in some way.

Gods/Goddesses Associated with This Tree/Plant: Cernunnos, Druantia

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