24 Phagos – The Beech

Phagos (pronounced ‘FAH-gus’)

Represents letter(s): PH, F

Divinatory meaning: Cleansing, purification, chastity

Associated Tree/Plant: Beech

Healing Properties: Beech leaves rubbed directly on the skin help heal frostbite and minor burns. An infusion of the leaves may be used to treat diaper rash or rashes from poison ivy. It also treats other skin inflammations. An infusion of beech bark has antiseptic properties. A poultice made of crushed beech leaves applied directly to the forehead helps to relieve headache pain.

Magical Uses: The beech is the Tree of Learning. It is also the guardian of thresholds. In Celtic lore and magic, the in-between places are the most powerful because they are neither one thing or another. The shore is neither land nor sea. The door is neither inside nor outside. Because of this ambiguity all things are possible. Likewise, the beech is the symbol of the gateway from one state to another. Beech magic is the magic of transition. Use beech whenever you need to change the way things are.

The blossoms of the beech help to keep intolerant people away. If you carve a wish on a beech stick harvested on the new moon, your wish will come true by the full moon. Once you have carved your wish on the twig, tie it to the beech tree from which it was cut. A fallen branch from a beech tree is considered to be an invitation from a Faerie to make a wish. Push this branch into the ground after carving your wish on it, and the Faeries will take it to the Sidhe for consideration by the Faerie Queen. Beech rods are favored by water dousers.

Gods/Goddesses Associated with This Tree/Plant: Sequana

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