25 Mor – Witch Hazel

Mor (pronounced ‘MOHR’)

Represents letter(s): X

Divinatory meaning: Destiny, surprise, unpreparedness

Associated Tree/Plant: Witch hazel

Healing Properties: Witch hazel is a powerful astringent available in most drug stores. Make a tea of equal parts powdered bark and leaves and gargle with it to relieve a sore throat. Drink two cups of this tea to cure diarrhea. It may also be used as a douche for healing vaginitis. A tea made of the leaves of the witch hazel may also be used for treating menstrual discomfort and cramps.

An infusion may be applied topically to skin irritations and rashes. This infusion may also be used as a topical treatment for hemorrhoids and sunburn. 

Magical Uses: Unlike most other plants, witch hazel blooms in the autumn, right around Samhain. Its distinct yellow and red blossoms make it easy to spot in the forest.

Witch hazel is a popular plant for “water witching,” or dousing for water. Its pliable branches are used to point to underground water sources when looking for viable sites for wells. Charms made of witch hazel mend broken hearts and diminish attention from unwanted suitors. Witch hazel sprigs and blooms placed in a vase by the bed promote chastity. The blooms also offer protection in matters of love. Give your partner a charm of witch hazel to promote fidelity.

Witch hazel branches may be used to cure warts, scars, or blemishes by taking a hazel stick, cutting three notches into it in the shape of the awen, then applying some blood from the afflicted body part onto the awen carved into the stick. Now cast the stick into a source of running water. This works best if performed on the waning moon.

To protect your home and those within from illness, make a loop of a witch hazel stem and bind it with red thread, then hand the loop over the main entrance to your home.

Gods/Goddesses Associated with This Tree/Plant: Angus Mac Og, Branwen

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