Animal Wisdom

Animal Wisdom

Ancient and aboriginal peoples from all over the world sought the wisdom to be gained in the practice of taking on an animal spirit. An animal spirit is an animal spirit guide. Such a spirit or guide helps people to transition through significant changes and rites of passage by granting wisdom and inspiration in a time of need.

Use the chart below to explore different spirit animals and their energies.

CatElkMouseSnake (Serpent)

Spirit Animals

A spirit animal is an animal soul or animal archetype that functions as a teacher, companion and helper. Some consider the practice of taking a spirit animal as the practice of drawing the archetypal energy of that animal into yourself.

You may have more than one spirit animal, but most people have a primary spirit animal who serves as both familiar and helper.

If you have a favorite animal, have you ever stopped to think about why? What is it about that particular animal that attracts you? Most cultures have a predisposition to include animals in some form or other in their culture. In Modern culture we tend to name our sports teams after animals. We also incorporate animal characteristics into our descriptions of each other. We describe people as quiet as a mouse, bold as a lion, hungry as a bear, or filthy as a pig. When we use these descriptions we are assigning animal characteristics to human beings.

Finding Your Spirit Animal

If you don’t already have a spirit animal here are some ways of finding out what your spirit animal is.

  • Ask yourself the following questions and see if your spirit animal reveals itself to you:
  • Is there a particular animal that you find yourself drawn to?
  • When alone in the woods, is there a certain animal you find yourself looking for?
  • What animal do you enjoy learning about?
  • Does a particular animal keep showing up in your dreams?
  • Have you ever been bitten, chased or attacked by a particular animal?
  • Do you collect paintings, statues, stuffed animals or trinkets of a particular animal?
  • If you’ve ever gone hiking, were you followed by a particular animal?

If you’re still uncertain after reading this list, then do a brief meditation before bedtime, and ask your spirit animal to reveal itself to you. Make a note of your dreams that night. Did any animal show up? If not, keep doing a meditation and recording your dreams until your spirit animal reveals itself to you.