Black Mountain Druidry Podcast

The Black Mountain Druidry podcast ran in 2014. Unfortunately, most of the episodes were lost in a server error, but a few remain. Black Mountain Druidry featured special guests and round-table discussions.

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10-15-2014 Samhain 2014 with guest Tuatha Dea

Tufa Tales by Tuatha Dea

This episode first aired in October of 2014. In this episode Danny Mullikin of the band Tuatha Dea discusses their album release Tufa Tales – Appalachian Fae and some of the inspirations for the music, including the book series by author Alex Bledsoe.

You can also hear a few sample cuts from the album on this episode.

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11-02-2014 with guest Alex Bledsoe

Alex Bledsoe

This episode first aired in November of 2014. Alex Bledsoe is the author of the popular Tufa Tales…a series of books based on the Appalachian Fae. In his series, the faeries (fae) of Ireland migrated to North America long ago and took up roots in the Appalachian mountains of the Carolinas.

This book series was the inspiration for the music on the Tufa Tales album by the band Tuatha Dea.

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12-03-2014 with guest Nimue Brown

Nimue Brown

This episode first aired in December of 2014. Nimue Brown is an author, Druid, and member of the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids. In this episode Nimue joins me to talk about her walk on the Druid path, her blog Druid Life, comic books and Steampunk, and Druidry in America and Great Britain.

She also talks about her book, When a Pagan Prays.

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