26 “All Heal” – Mistletoe

The word ‘mistletoe’ (Old English mistiltan) may be related to German ‘mist,’ for ‘dung’ and ‘tang’ for branch, since mistletoe can be spread in the feces of birds moving from tree to tree. However, Old English ‘mistel’ was also used for ‘basil.’Mistletoe was considered an herb too sacred to have a Celtic name.On the Celtic Tree Calendar, the Night of […]

15 Ruis – The Elder

Ruis (pronounced ‘RWEESH’) Represents letter(s): R Divinatory meaning: Conversion, transition, rebirth Associated Tree/Plant: Elder Healing Properties: Fresh elder bark can be used to induce labor, or to relieve headaches. Steep the flowers of the elderberry to make a tea for soothing sunburn pain. Inhaling the steam from elderberry flowers eases asthma attacks. A poultice of elderberry flowers has anti-inflammatory effects. […]

14 Straif – Blackthorn

Straif (pronounced ‘STRAHF’) Represents letter(s): Z Divinatory meaning: Control, authority, manipulation Associated Tree/Plant: Blackthorn Healing Properties: Sloe berries of the blackthorn are used to make sloe gin. The berries stimulate metabolism, and are therefore useful in weight loss. They may also be used as a laxative and as a diuretic. Juice from sloe berries has astringent properties and may be […]

13 N-getal – The Reed (Elm)

n’Getal (pronounced ‘NYEH-tal’) Represents letter(s): NG Divinatory meaning: Health, harmony, balance Associated Tree: Reed (In Great Britain, the Reed is a variety of elm that doesn’t grow in North America. The Order of the Elder Grove uses the slippery elm for this letter) Healing Properties: In Britain the dwarf elm, which is the ogham reed, is known as the reed […]

12 Gort – The Ivy

Gort (pronounced ‘GORT’) Represents letter(s): G Divinatory meaning: Change, redirection, metamorphosis Associated Tree/Plant: Ivy Healing Properties: An infusion made from ivy leaves can be used to treat yeast infections. Poultices of ivy leaves help infections. A salve made of ground tender ivy twigs aids in healing sunburn. Ivy is an antifungal that may be used to treat athlete’s foot. The […]

11 Muin – The Grape

Muin (pronounced ‘MUHN’) Represents letter(s): M Divinatory meaning: Insight, introspection, contemplation Associated Tree/Plant: Vine NOTE: In the ogham of Northern Scotland, blackberry is usually used for muin. In Ireland, the grape is usually used. Both plants are discussed here. Healing Properties: Grape leaves may be used to make a tea for treating hepatitis. Wines made from grapes aid digestion. Grape […]

Qwert – The Apple

Qwert (pronounced ‘KWEIRT’) Represents letter(s): Q Divinatory meaning: Love, beauty, passion Healing Properties: We’re all familiar with the saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Apples are high in fiber and naturally cleanse the bowels, and are good for the heart. A tea made from the bark of the apple tree can reduce fever and serve as a […]

09 Coll – The Hazel

Coll (pronounced ‘CULL’) Represents letter(s): C Divinatory meaning: Inspiration, creativity, talent Healing Properties: Shells of hazelnuts have been found in European cave dwellings that are at least 10,000 years old. Hazelnuts may be ground into a flour that is high in protein and vitamin E. Hazel twigs have been used since ancient times as natural toothbrushes and are said to […]

08 Tinne – The Holly

Tinne (pronounced ‘CHIN-yuh’) Represents letter(s): T Divinatory meaning: Movement, action, activity Healing Properties Holly berries are poisonous, so do not ingest them! If decorating with holly for the holiday season, make sure the berries are well out of reach of children and pets. Unless you are a professional herbalist or a health care professional with training in herbalism, don’t attempt […]

07 Duir – The Oak

Duir (pronounced ‘DOO-er’) Represents letter(s): D Divinatory meaning: Power, strength, endurance Associated Tree/Plant: Oak Healing Properties: Oak leaf tea is an astringent good for treating kidney infections and hemorrhoids. Oak bark tea can ease a sore throat. A tea made from the bark of the white oak is an effective decongestant. You may either drink the tea, or inhale the […]