06 h’Uath – The Hawthorn

 h’Uath (pronounced ‘OO-ah’) Represents letter(s): H Divinatory meaning: Results, consequences, repercussions Associated Tree/Plant: Hawthorn Healing Properties: The an infusion of the berries of the hawthorn has been used to treat irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, hardening of the arteries and chest pain. The leaves and blossoms of the hawthorn may be made into a tea to relieve anxiety. This tea […]

05 Nuin – The Ash

Nuin (pronounced ‘NOO-un’) Represents letter(s): N Divinatory meaning: Wisdom, knowledge, learning Associated Tree/Plant: Ash Healing Properties: Ground ash bark can be used to build the immune system, and to purify the liver and kidneys. Cut ash leaves in the early spring and make a tea. This tea is a mild diuretic that helps with weight loss. The syrup of the […]

04 Saille – The Willow

Saille (pronounced ‘SAHL-yuh’) Represents letter(s): S Divinatory meaning: Intuition, hidden knowledge, introspection Associated Tree/Plant: Willow Healing Properties: Willow sap is effective in removing facial blemishes. The sap may also be used to treat dandruff. Willow bark is an effective pain killer, as it contains the active ingredient in aspirin. Chewing the bark or making an infusion of it releases this […]

03 Fearn – The Alder

Fearn (pronounced ‘FAIR-n’) Represents letter(s): F Divinatory meaning: Endurance, perseverance, adaptability Associated Tree/Plant: Alder Healing Properties: Tea made from alder bark can be used to treat coughs, toothaches and diarrhea. Boil crushed alder bark and use the juice to relieve itching from poison ivy. A poultice of alder bark relieves swellings and sprains. John Gerrard’s Herball published in 1597 tells […]

02 Luis – The Rowan

Luis (pronounced ‘LWEESH’) Represents letter(s): L Divinatory meaning: Protection, security, safety Associated Tree/Plant: Rowan Healing Properties: Crush rowan bark, boil it, and save the juice to be drunk as a cure for upset stomach. Rowan bark is an astringent. The juice of rowan berries can be used as a laxative. These berries are high in vitamin C and for this […]

01 Beith – the Birch

Beith (pronounced ‘BEH’) Represents letter(s): B Divinatory meaning: Beginning, birth, starting over Associated Tree/Plant: Birch Healing Properties: An infusion of birch leaves can be used to break up kidney and bladder stones. Birch bark can be used as an astringent. Tea made from the inner bark of the birch and/or its leaves is a mild sleep aid. Birch sap can […]