010 Way of the Taibhsear with Nimue Brown

Nimue Brown is a member of the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids and the author of When a Pagan Prays. She is also a prolific blogger on the subjects of Druidry and life in general. Her blog is called Druid Life. Join us as we discuss her life, her philosophy, and her work. Notice: JavaScript is required for this […]

009 Way of the Taibhsear Global Warming

Have we reached the tipping point with global warming? How far is the point of no return to avoid an ecological disaster? What does the science say, and why are so many people resistant to the facts regarding global warming? Why should Druids and other Pagans care, and what can we do about it? Join us as we explore these […]

008 Way of the Taibhsear Deep Ecology

Arne Naess coined the term “Deep Ecology.” It is a philosophy and an approach to life that is sustainable and more equitable than our current system. Deep Ecology is also part of the Earth Path Triad of Ordugh na Slighe Meadhanach. In this episode of Way of the Taibhsear we explore what Deep Ecology is, and the reasons for some […]

006 Way of the Taibhsear Mama Gina

Join us for our special musical guest, Mama Gina! Singer/songwriter and wanderlust Mama Gina feels most at home when she can feel the earth beneath her feet and taste the freedom of the open sky. With down-to-earth, bluesy vocals, a bit of humor, and straight-ahead, rhythmic, acoustic guitar, she tells the true stories that fall into her head and heart. […]

004 Way of the Taibhsear A Brief History of Druidry

For people new to the path of Druidry, there’s a bewildering array of options for source material. There’s also the sometimes heated conflict between Revivalists and Reconstructionists. It can be difficult to know what’s going on. In this episode we try to sort it all out by discussing how modern Druidry came about. Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.