Current Instructor Needs

Elder Grove Seminary is currently seeking instructors for the courses listed below. If you are interested in teaching, click here for a faculty instructor application.

Intro to Druidry (including history)
Wheel of the Year (Including Ogham)
Gods and Goddesses
Basic Herbology
Basic Herbology Workshop
Foundations of Magic and Ritual
Magic Workshop I: Basic Tools of Magic Craft
Celtic History
Children and Child Development in Druidry
Healing Arts (holistic health, proper diet, exercise, etc.)
Astrology and Astronomy
Fundraising for Nonprofits
Mythology (Celtic, Norse, Native American, etc.)
Comparative Religions
Ethics of Relgion
Survey of Neopaganisms
Beginning Herbalism
Beginning Herbalism Workshop
Intermediate Herbalism
Intermediate Herbalism Workshop
Advanced Herbalism
Advanced Herbolism Workshop
Nonprofit Management
Grove Leadership
Grove Management
Magic Workshop II: Musical Instruments as Sacred Objects
Legal and Ethical Issues of Nature-Centered Religious Organizations
Quantum Philosophy (Quantum physics and spirituality)
Human Sexuality and Nature-Centered Spirituality
Ethics of Druidry II (Ethical Code of OSM)
Masters Thesis Workshop
Masters Thesis Advisor
Dissertation Workshop
Dissertation Advisor